New rules for camp paperwork

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Because it has been a challenge for the Guide Office to track  camper numbers, activities and finances, Yukon Council will now require the Responsible Guider for a camp to submit a short report afterwards before any reimbursement takes place. The report will include:

  • Camper numbers and nights
  • Highlights
  • All Safe Guide paperwork, and
  • A short financial report that includes camp fee charged (revenue) and all expenses.

Camp fees will need to be turned in with or before the report is submitted as well. This rule takes effect immediately (May 15, 2012).

Camp Adviser Kerri Scholz has reports from past camps on hand to share with Guiders. Please follow up with her directly if you have any questions.

Camping fun for all ages!

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This weekend’s camp at Sprucewind was huge success!  Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders all had a great time camping together, enjoying the sun, enjoying the rain, singing songs, cooking over the fire and doing fun games and activities.  Some highlights included the outhouse-painting activity (sorry to all the parents who had freshly painted clothing returned to them), the Shrinky-Dink craft, great campfire songs, and cooking outdoors.  The Sparks made some beautiful drawings, Brownies learned what’s needed to light a campfire, Guides visited Swan Haven and looked for birds, and Pathfinders ran a great Variety Show for the whole camp.

Though things didn’t always run on schedule, and the sun didn’t always shine, good times were had by all the girls and women came out.

Special thanks goes to Nancy Campbell for planning an excellent menu for the whole camp, and to Ella LeGresley, Carole Laurie, and Margot Neely for being amazing cooks and Quartermasters, keeping us well fed and on track.  We couldn’t not have pulled off a camp of this scale without you! Margot also collected painting materials for us to use to decorate the outhouses.  With flashy colours we were able to make something old and drab look exciting, and we recycled a lot of unwanted paint. Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, and dedication to Guiding.

Kerri Scholz (Office Kerri) deserves special mention as she collected registration forms, distributed emails, coordinated last minute changes, and kept us all on track.

Thank  you also to the experienced Guiders and new volunteers who made this camp possible: Lynn Lebarge, Erin Pauls, and Sylvia Neschokat with the Sparks; Rebecca World with the Brownies;  Tammy Beese, Kate Alexander, and Nancy Deasty with Guides; and Christina McGillivray with Pathfinders.

Finally, we owe a lot to Shannon L’Heureux, Johanna Smith, Rosemary Smith, and Natalie Taylor who planned and delivered activities for the girls.  Since November, these women have been designing programs, setting schedules, and collecting materials, and were instrumental in making Spring Into Summer 2011 an amazing experience for all age groups.

Thank you to all for your hard work and I hope that the camping spirit has been rejuvenated in all of us; both girls and women!

Enjoy being outdoors this summer!

Camp Carrie

Pictures to follow soon!

Spring Camp kit lists

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Here are the Kit Lists for the girls registered for next weekend’s camp.  Please download the appropriate kit list for your Branch and follow it carefully.  If you have trouble, email Camp Carrie at or call 335-1112.

Please note that the Bus Pick-up and Drop-off site has been changed because of the Carnival/Fair/Midway-thing.

Please meet at the Beringia Centre Parking Lot by the Mammoths!

Sparks Kit List

Brownie Kit List

Guide Kit List

Spring Camp registration open!

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Girls of all ages are invited to camp this June.
What better way to wrap up a great Guiding season.

When: Friday, June 10, 5:00 pm to Sunday, June 12, 3:30 pm (Transportation provided)

Who: Sparks: Saturday day-camp out at Sprucewind
Brownies: 2-night sleepover indoors at Armstrong Lodge, Sprucewind
Guides: 2-nights tenting at Sprucewind
Pathfinders: 2-nights tenting at Sprucewind

What: This camp includes girls of every age. Girls will eat, sleep and do fun activities with their own level, plus participate in campfires, games, and activities with the whole camp.

Cost: $10 for Sparks; $30 for Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders

How:   To register fill out a SG2 for Spring into Summer Camp V1 (click to download) and submit it, along with the Camp Fee, to the Guide Office.  You can pick up a Permission Form from the Guide Office, download it here, or have it emailed/faxed to you.

Registration Deadline is June 1st, 2011 and is based upon first-come first-serve.

To see the SG1Activity plan SPARKS for Sparks

To see the SG1Activity planfor Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders.

For more information about this camp, or any other Sprucewind activity, please contact Camp Carrie at or call 335-1112.

Open House Welcomes 100+ Visitors

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Jan, Jo-Ann and Ev welcomed visitors on the Saturday

Open House visitors wrote down Guiding memories for all to see.

The Open House at Sprucewind over the Easter Weekend saw almost 120 visitors drop by over the two days it was held (Apr. 23 & 24). Thank you to Jan Mann, Jo-Ann Gates, Ev Neave, Penny Rawlings and Kerri Scholz for serving as hosts, and to Carrie McClelland (Camp Carrie) for organizing the event.

Visitors were treated to hot cider/hot chocolate, a display of old uniforms, photo albums of Guiding in action over the decades here, and a swan craft that tied into the Celebration of Swan activities next door at Swan Haven.

This was a pleasant way to show Yukoners that marvellous facility that is Sprucewind and share some Guiding history along with information about what we offer today’s women and girls. Kudos everyone for a job well done!

Yukon Council Annual Report 2010

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The Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada fiscal year ends on December 31st.  In addition to preparing a financial report for the fiscal year (ready in spring), Yukon Council prepares an Annual Report to let Guiders and supporters know what we’ve been up to — thank you’s, awards, membership trends.

Interested?  Then check out the attached PDF version of the Yukon Area Annual Report 2010.

Campout Success!

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On September 18th and 19th, 13 Guides camped overnight at Sprucewind!  After arriving on Saturday they quickly learned how to handle themselves on a campsite, moving all their own gear to their sites and collecting items from the equipment lockers.  The three patrols (Ev’s Escape, Joyce’s Jaunt, and Darlene’s Den) each set up their own tents and arranged their sites.  At all meals the girls chopped, diced, cooked, stirred, mixed, and made up their own food with guidance and direction from their Guiders.  We enjoyed making some great crafts including mesh bags for our personal dishes and tie-dye t-shirts.  On a hike, the girls identified some delicious berries and looked for signs of animals in the woods.

That night the stars shone bright as the girls gathered around the campfire for good songs and the ever popular s’mores!  The days were bright and sunny but the temperature dropped below zero that night and though the girls were warm in their tents the water buckets froze and there were many eager volunteers to cook breakfast over the fire that morning.  This weekend many girls set-up and slept in a tent for the first time, others cooked their own meals for the first time, and everyone made a new friend.

Thank you to Nancy Campbell for her meticulous work as Quartermaster; to Michelle Knaack for sharing such excellent crafts; to Nancy Deasty for her experience and leadership as a patrol Guider; and to Shannon L’Heureux and Tammy Beese for helping out. You made it possible for girls to camp under canvas!

Girls Under Canvas: Overnight Campout

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If you’re 9 years or older, join us at Sprucewind Territorial Camp to kick off the Guiding season. With crafts, games, campfires, hikes and smores, what’s not to love? See the Come and campout with us poster for more information.

Sprucewind SpruceUp Success!

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This year’s Sprucewind SpruceUp made a huge difference in the health of our camp.  Five Guiders and five volunteers came out to rake, haul, chop, drill, hammer, and scrub Sprucewind so that all members of Yukon Guides can use it.  We ticked off an impressive number of items from our To Do list. 

On Friday night my father and I managed to clear the large tree that had fallen on Jean’s Junction that Mike Deasty had previously cut for us. Meanwhile my partner Ryan Agar had the nasty job of cleaning out the moldy and smelly refrigerator that had been left unplugged and closed with food it in!  Dad and Ryan also fixed the eaves troughs on the Equipment shed while I began moving broken picnic tables, rotten palates, and rusted out BBQs to the burn pile and dumpster. 

My good friends Lindsay Agar and Mike Tillbrook came on Friday night and worked until 11:30 pm and again the next morning weeding and clearing overgrown trails, tidying campsites, moving picnic tables, reconstructing firepits, and raking tent pads. 

On Saturday Shannon L’Heureux’s husband Mike worked for hours measuring and cutting logs that I nailed to the perimeter fence posts.  Nancy Deasty helped move many items to the dumpster and also supplied my dad with the tools and materials he needed to finish in the indoor siding and trim in the Armstrong loft.  Meanwhile Johanna Smith and Shannon L’Heureux cleaned and stocked all the outhouses and scrubbed down the shelves in Armstrong Lodge.   Erin Spiewak also came and pulled all the major shrubs and weeds from the Parade Square.  Felicia L’Heureux helped out by stocking all the tinderboxes with the necessary wood to build a fire at every site. 

The weather was beautiful at Sprucewind that weekend (June 11&12) and we all enjoyed some refreshing beverages and smokies cooked on the open fire at lunch.  It was great to have people out at our camp helping to keep it running and in good shape.  Thank you so much to the folks who came out!

Sincerely, Carrie McClelland
Camp Adviser, Yukon Council

PS If you were unable to make it to the Sprucewind SpruceUp but would still like to help out, a list of chores that you can do on your own will be posted in the office.  Feel free to sign up and help share the load of maintaining our territorial campsite.

Sprucewind at New Year’s

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Did you know that Friends of Guiding can rent Sprucewind too? Carrie and her friends did, and they had an amazing frozen adventure over New Year’s Eve at our rustic lodge. Here’s an excerpt from Carrie’s blog about her experience — let it inspire you and your friends!

It took us a good 2 hours of blazing fire to get the lodge to a temperature where you could take your mittens off and not freeze your hands.  At one point we were starting to cook some Pad Thai for dinner (our chicken had frozen solid) and were dancing around the lodge in full battle dress (down booties, snowpants, Down jacket, wool toque and scarf and mitts) and we looked at each other thinking, “Are we having fun yet?”  It was dark at 4 pm and the temperature was rapidly falling …..

Thanks for sharing, Carrie!  Better luck with the weather next time :-)

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